How to recession-proof your mindset - #021

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Focus on your mental game first.

In today’s episode, I dive deep into how to recession-proof your mindset and why your mental game is the most important thing that you need to protect right now.

As I’m sitting here right now thinking about what’s happening in the world, I’m feeling all kinds of mixed emotions.

I’m pretty sure you’re also feeling all kinds of things right now.

Most of us go from one feeling to the opposite, feeling maybe gratitude and joy in one moment to despair and deep hopelessness in the next.

Today, I don’t want to talk about the economy or how to recession-proof your business or your career but I want to talk about, what I believe is the most important thing to recession-proof, your mental game, your mindset, your state of mind.

My goal is for you to understand that you need to make your mindset and mental game a priority and that now more than ever, you must learn how to recession-proof your mindset.



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