How to stop settling for less - #026

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In today’s episode, we are talking about how to stop settling for less in your career, workplace, and your life.

There is a huge cost of settling for less. With the professional women that we work with, we go deep into how they are being in the world, and why thinking the way they do and understanding the world in a certain way, creates the same patterns and outcomes year in and year out…which results in them feeling frustrated, stuck and like they are living beneath their potential.

If you are a high achiever, knowing you have more capacity and living beneath your potential is the worst thing, but unless you change, nothing in your life will change.

In this episode, you will learn how to stop settling for less. My goal is for you to understand why you always have a choice. You always get to decide if you want to go after your dreams or to settle. You get to decide if you want to live in victimhood or to create a new way of living and leading.



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