What successful leaders do
differently - Part 2 - #023

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The two archetypes of leadership explained.

Today’s episode is part 2 of a 2 part series where I talk about what successful leaders do differently and why it's crucial to understand how the two archetypes of LEADERSHIP work.

We will start by meeting the Dog Mind Leader. Understanding the dog mind archetype and how it drives you, will set you free.

What’s crucial to understand is HOW the dog mind person operates. We want to get to know what drives the dog mind leader.

I am deeply familiar with how the dog mind person operates because it used to be me.

The dog mind has big dreams and longs for success and freedom, but it’s constantly caught up in an inner drama and lost in an inner battle.

Becoming the lion mind was not a straight path, I was fumbling in the dark, until one day, I saw that I was simply looking in the wrong direction.

In this episode, you will finally understand what successful leaders do differently and how the lion mind allows you to become the kind of leader people want to follow.



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