Why having it your way is the problem - #006

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Today we are having a conversation about why having it your way is the problem.

The goal of this episode is for you to see that there are no problems.

Let me say that again, you don’t have a problem, but that you actually ARE the problem.

You see wanting life to be a specific way or wanting a person to behave a certain way is the real problem.

Let me break that down and expand on that.

The thought ”I want it that way” is the problem. When you think that you want something to be or look a particular way, it is precisely your thinking what creates the problem.

So the whole problem starts with you.

When you tell yourself, I have a problem and I need to fix it, usually what happens is that you get frustrated and the problem persists.

What if it is YOU, the state of mind that you’re operating from, that is the cause of every problem in your life?

Let me say that in other words, What if it is your way of thinking and feeling, your state of consciousness, your level of awareness, is the real problem?

What if YOU are the actual problem here?

In this episode, we are going to dive deep into this topic so you can finally see why having it your way is the problem that’s keeping you stuck.


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