Why it’s so difficult to change (no matter how hard you try) - #007

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In this episode, I am talking about why it’s so difficult to change (no matter how hard you try).

It’s the time of year when we vow to change starting January 1st.

It’s also the time of the year when we tell ourselves: “This is the year when I finally change, once and for all.”

And unfortunately, we all know how that ends.

Today, I am going to share with you why change is so hard, and why resisting it leaves us stuck in our old ways.

You see, I’ve come to see that we are very attached to our identities and that’s why we resist change so much.

Our identity is linked to what we believe about ourselves and how we perceive ourselves.

Your identity does not want you to change; it wants you to cling to the familiar, even if that is what’s holding you back.

We refuse to let go of our identity because if we are not who we believe we are, then who the F are we?

But what if dropping your identity is the solution to every single problem.

Today you will finally understand why it’s so difficult to change, and what really needs to happen for you to unleash your potential and discover infinite intelligence and pure creative power.


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