Why we must speak up as leaders - #024

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In today’s episode, I dive deep into why we must speak up as leaders.

This episode was hard to create. I’m not gonna lie to you, the honest truth is that I’ve been at a loss for words.

Just like most people around the world, I’ve been utterly devastated by the murder of George Floyd.

I’ve also been painfully aware of the fact that I’m a white privileged woman, hyper-educated, and immensely biased due to my own mental constructs, trying to speak about racism and privilege without sounding like a total tool.

I firmly do believe that my role is not to lead this discussion in any way, or to see myself as a spokesperson for people of color.

So what I’ve been struggling with is to find a way of contributing to a discussion that matters, without taking away from those who need to be heard.

My goal is for you to understand why we must speak up as leaders, I want to invite you to step up your game as a leader, as a professional, as an entrepreneur or as someone with a voice of reason, demanding action and accountability and using the power you hold to.


Always educate YOURSELF.


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